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As a community leader, you've recently…

  • have had traumas or triggers 
    resurface you swore you were over


  • give and give and give, only your
    receive account is depleting

  • unconsciously taken on other people's
    emotional baggage leaving you depressed or inactive

As a community leader, you know in your bones that…

  • you have a big mission to
    help humanity


  • you're going through a rebirth;  
     into a new identity 

  • to elevate your lifestyle 
    you must match its frequency 

Is This For You?


Path To Ascension is an in-depth immersive day  where you will be on the receiving end of:

  • 1 Pre-call with Monica Adams prior to your day

    The Get Ready:

  • Movement Medicine

  • Share On Your Mind & Body Connection

    The Get Set:

  • Meditation with Energy Healing

    No More Fucking Around:

  • Subconscious Mind Upgrade
    tailored for you typically past clients worked through triggers, forgiveness, brought forth channeled messages

  • New Identity Work
    understand the lies holding you back from shining, recognize and solidify the truth of who you are, decide for yourself that there's no one else you'd rather be

    Bold Action:

  • Time to BE it

  • You will take immediate aligned action to finally hit the frequency of who you are! No more hiding. No more holding back. No more trauma keeping you in a lower vibration.

Conscious Creator


Movement Leader

Community Builder


Conscious Creator


And if your thoughts sound like this entry...

Dear Journal,
I don't feel fully appreciated. I know I have a big gift and message to share the world but I feel as though I'm not being fully utilized. I go from holding back tears because I feel so lost, unsupported, or unenergized, but at other times I feel fully in my power and like the whole universe is on my side.


I know what it's like when everything lines up perfectly for me, but I don't know how to maintain that frequency. I hate how it only come in spurts. I make big commitments go all in... then come crashing down... none of this makes any sense! I just want to flow and be aligned with my mission. I feel like I'm chasing it instead. It's exhausting to go in between these extremes.

I take on people's low energy after being around them making me feel a wave of exhaustion, depression, and it can even show up in physical pain. It's all out of nowhere with no emotion behind it, so I know it's not my energy. I wish I had someone to show me how to protect myself and put up boundaries both energetically and so I stop giving without receiving!! 

On top of all of this I've been getting triggered by the smallest things when I thought that trauma was healed! Why has it resurfaced!?? I swore I was over that incident from my past ... you know the one. Not to mention my life seems to be falling apart in certain areas, especially in my own mind and in some relationships I thought were for life. Am I going crazy? Is this life really sustainable? God please help me. I want to serve but I just don't know how to help myself anymore, I'm at my breaking point.


As you move through the great shift that is ascension, changes will begin to happen on all levels of your being.


You'll begin to become lighter, have an increase in vibration, and enter great expansion.

A part of the process of ascension is releasing and transforming density in the physical body, this is usually in the form of radical emotional, physical, and mental changes that tend to rock you to your core.


This requires you to let go of toxic, density from your world in order to increase your light. It's hard alone,
but absolutely liberating with a supportive coach (ahem, me) by your side.

Can You Relate To Any Of These Ascension Symptoms?

  • ending of relationships

  • seeing angels numbers like 1111 everywhere

  • resurfaced trauma you swore you were healed from

  • radical shifts from immense joy to debilitating depression

  • over-extending yourself to help others

  • urge to travel to high vibe places like Arizona, Costa Rica, or Bali

  • feeling others pain so much (that you unconsciously carry it up for them)

Don't go through your life unsupported in your mission.
Let go of you getting in your own by and quit hiding from your highest version of yourself. 





Monica Adams has trained over 1,000 people in meditation​ and coached dozens of people on how to align their head with their heart. She has shared stages with Eric Thomas, Alexi Panos, and Peter Voogd. 

She has facilitated retreats in Bali, NYC, and California.  She is also the CEO of Radiance Festival the first conscious music festival on the east coast and was named by Natural Awakening to be "Top 100 Awakened Women of 2018."

Beyond that she has studied neurolinguistics so is professionally trained to guide her clients into their subconscious mind
so they may rewire their mind with quality beliefs.

Lastly, she is a Master 11, which means she has double source energy running through her DNA makeup because of this she has a very thin veil between the human world and the divine. She can remove energetic blocks, channel high-frequency messages and is a spiritual catalyst for helping her clients live in their life’s purpose. 

If you are called to raise the conscious collective it begins with you, book your call today with Monica and allow her to be your GPS co-pilot on your path to ascension.