Monica Adams is a meditation guide, subconscious mind hacker, and intuitive life coach on a mission to help her clients heal the past, create a powerful future and live fully in the “here and now.” 

She is a certified neurolinguistic programming practitioner, holds bachelor's degrees in sociology and communications and (for our spiritually advanced folks) is a master number 11 lifepath.

Her fascination with human potential began when she learned that 90% of our beliefs, habits, and thoughts are controlled by our subconscious mind. That fact clicked for her, "Duh!" she remembers thinking, "If we could consciously change we would have by now. We seemingly can't change our habits because there's a deeply embedded belief just below our reach."

She turned to NLP to learn more about the subconscious mind, but along the way she realized in order to do any of these lifechanging techniques one must be in a relaxed "trance" state. While this was brushed aside, she knew there was something more to discover. Monica quickly learned all about the theta brainwave state and studied transcendental meditation. 

She now bridges her science (NLP) and spirituality (meditation) teachings together for radically impactful results.  Companies have called her a miracle worker, she's shared stages with world-class leaders around the world, and has recently opened her own studio, Montclair Zen Studio, where she teaches meditation daily and take personal clients.

She is often speaking for leadership teams through her program. Path To Ascension, or working with retreats, masterminds, and panels to bring more awareness to varying audiences ready to make lasting change.

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