Monica Adams is a mind-hacking meditation teacher on a mission to help personal development enthusiasts align their head with their hearts. 


Through her neurolinguistic practitioner skills and spiritual enhancement practices, she turns those who thought "they could never meditate" into avid meditators. She's guided over 1,000 people on how to meditate.

As an international meditation & mindset teacher, speaker and retreat facilitator she's shared stages with thought leaders like Eric Thomas, Alexi Panos, and Peter Voogd. 

"All the answers are within" is her favorite quote and lives by that mantra. Even as a coach she wants to ensure you realize no one, no guru, mentor, video, or blog can tell you what is right for you, ONLY YOU can do that.


The way to know the answers within is to silence the human mind and connect with your spirit. And THAT she can help you do.

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