finally get into the most natural meditative states,
beat stress, and advance your life
in one week

Day 1 

  • What is meditation?

  • Why meditate?

    How do I clear my
    thoughts in order to meditation?

  • Guided Meditation: Mindful

Day 4 
Bad Energy Dealers

  • How to avoid bad vibes from your environment or other people?

  • #1 MAJOR HACK:
    How to clear & protect your energy field

  • Guided Meditation: Energy Clearing

Day 2 
Understanding Consciousness

  • Why do emotions or physical ailments sometimes arise during or after meditation?

  • How do I avoid falling asleep when meditating?

  • Guided Meditation: Mantra-based



Day 3
Heartset > Mindset​​​

    Not To Be Overlooked #TRUST

  • How can the heart be smarter than your mind?

  • Guided Meditation: Heartful

Day 5 
Trigger Awareness

  • How to move past triggers?

  • Guided Meditation: NLP-based



Day 6 
Make It A Practice

  • How do I make meditation a routine practice?

  • Simple mini-meditations for on the go 

  • Guided Meditation: Breathe



Day 7 
Your Part In Our Global Shift

  • How do you make a difference?

  • Guided Meditation: For The World




The meditation course begins February 11th
Check your email for your official welcome & next steps


about your teacher

Monica Adams is a trained neurolinguistic and meditation practitioner with degrees in communication and sociology. She has guided over 1,000 people in meditation, shared stages with world-class leaders like Peter Voogd, Alexi Panos, Eve Ensler and she's the founder & CEO of Radiance Festival.

When she isn't creating conscious community gatherings she is cozying up with her partner watching documentaries in her Montclair, New Jersey home.

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