How Making Music After Meditating Is Better Than Vision Boarding

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Now that the new year has begun, many have created a new vision board in hopes to reach their goals for 2019. Visualizing has been a proven way to manifest your new reality quicker. However, there is a major key that is often missed within this well-intentioned project.

The true KEY to unlocking your dreams quickly is to FEEL the energy of them and truly BELIEVE they're possible.

Vision boards, if not FELT can actually end up making us feel the LACK of not having those visions. On our boards we see what we don't have yet, triggering us to feel unworthy, sad or even envious of those images we so deeply crave. Doesn't that seem counter-productive?

What influences us most is our energy (emotions) and beliefs (thoughts).

What we believe about ourselves, how the world works, and how we can get what we want is what will ultimately determine if we reach our highest potential.

How can we then change our beliefs (thoughts) and energy (emotions) in order to FEEL our vision into reality?


Music is shown to have an emotional link in our brains. Mellow music, high energy music, rock music all affect our internal feelings. Music is so powerful it often influences us to move our physical bodies (through dance), which opens us up toward a high level of FLOW. Certain music signals our brain to release the "feel-good" chemical dopamine. It is quite literally changing our emotional state.

Even without studies, we know this to be true, simply imagine your favorite movie, your next night out or next long drive without music. Doesn't that seem ...well boring? Now insert a grand composure, your favorite jam or your preferred curated playlist and those experiences are much richer.

OK so now that we know that music can change our emotional state, what can we do to change our beliefs in order to achieve our wildest dreams?

You guessed it... our very own thoughts!

Our minds have over 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, but what's bonkers is that 70-90 percent of them are EXACTLY the same as we had the day before. Needless to say, we need a little push in order to change up our thought patterns.

Affirmations have grown in popularity with the expectation to infiltrate our minds and have us believe we are "rich, healthy, loved...etc" but what's missing similar to the vision board is that we aren't buying it.

Our mind fights back saying "I know my bank account and I'm not rich." "My back is killing me, I'm not healthy." "I'm not in a relationship, how can I be loved." This is our subconscious mind speaking and as much as we try to affirm these positive statements we just can't seem to believe them.

However, many argue that affirmations DO work. And truth be told they can *IF* we are in a brain-state where we are re-training our subconscious mind.

How do we do that? We must be in a Theta brainwave state because Theta is the realm of our subconscious mind.

Theta brain waves are present during deep meditation and light sleep. Theta is also known as the "twilight state" as it is normally only momentarily experienced as you drift off to sleep (from Alpha) and arise from deep sleep (from Delta).

Basically, you reach Theta through a deep meditative state, right before you fall asleep or right before you awaken. Theta state is when affirmations will work. But again they must also be emotionally-charged which we learned can be done through music.

I say all of this to introduce you to the next best thing sense vision boards, creating an affirmation-based soundtrack which you listen to before sleep, when you first wake up (perhaps setting it as an alarm) or during meditation!

Doesn't that sound powerful?!

OK but maybe you don't have the equipment to record, not sure how to reach a meditative state, or don't really know the best affirmations you need to begin believing in order to manifest the life of your dreams. . . I got you covered!

I've teamed up with Justyn Cruz from Cruz CTRL Music to create

YOUNIVERSE: An Affirmation-Based Song Workshop During Youniverse you will:

Learn the Huge Impact Music and Sound has on Us (And Our Planet)

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then be

Supported through Templated Journal Prompts to Create Your Own Affirmational Song

to then enter into your own

Personal One on One Studio Time to Record Your Song Over an Impactful Song (with Music Producer Justyn Cruz)

and because

Visualization And Art Are Still Pillars in Manifestation We've included Art Creation Time Conducted by Lara Arbore from Third Eye Theory

Extra Bonus: Your Personal Trine Sign Reading (full horoscope) To Fully Understand Your Cosmic Identity

Move over vision board, here comes your own motivational soundtrack that will infiltrate your subconscious mind so you can truly manifest your loftiest goals!

Want in? Join us during Youniverse in NYC Sunday, January 27th by securing your ticket here!


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