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Tarnissha Sass

Her Email Below . . . 

A story of a mother who lost her son to gun violence releases the guilt around his passing.  A quote from her experience "The biggest breakthrough of my LIFE came from Monica." 

From: Tarnissha Sass

Date: December 15, 2017 at 10:19:42 AM EST

To: Subject: Feedback from Take Ownership event


Good Morning ------,


My name is Tarnissha Sass and I recently attended the Take Ownership event. I wanted to take a second to let you know just how much the event impacted my life. In all honesty, I was intimidated walking in this event alone and feeling a little old (I’m 42). I had never heard of Fownders until I saw the Instagram post that Eric Thomas (ET) posted. My initial thought was, I want to be a motivational speaker one day and ET is the best so I will attend so I can learn from the best.


There was no doubt that ET killed that weekend but to my surprise my biggest breakthrough of my LIFE came from Monica. See the last time we heard from my oldest son (Sahaad Monroe) was December 10, 2010 because his life was taken on the 11th. I always reference December 10th as the date of death because that was the day I scheduled “originally” for us to take family Christmas pictures but I cancelled it because his dad had surgery on the 8th. Since I cancelled the pictures I told my son to stay home (Plainfield, NJ) because his dad needed the rest. We lived and still live (although divorced) in Macungie, PA. My son decided that he would go out with his cousins because he had not been out to party since his fiancée gave birth to his daughter (January 30, 2010). That night, my son was murdered by someone who didn’t know him. The boy was trying to kill his cousin but missed and shot my son. The doctors pronounced him dead December 11, 2010 but to me it was December 10th because that one decision (I made) in my mind changed everything.


Now fast forward to the Take Ownership event, two things happened. First Monica had us do that amazing mind meditation. Within that meditation I was FINALLY able to release the hold of the guilt and let my son go be free so that I can be free. Freedom for me is sharing my gift to the world that God provided but my son pushes.  Second, ET said just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should. I took that as, just because I had every right to lay in the bed on that Sunday morning and morn my son, doesn’t mean I should so I got up, dried my tears, got dressed and came to the event because of my WHY (my son, his daughter and my other 5 kids) . The feelings that I walked away from the Take Ownership event, has FOREVER changed me. I am grateful to you and the entire staff for those breakthroughs.


I want you to know that I am currently enrolled to attend the National Speakers Association (NSA) Speakers Academy, which is going to teach me how to master my gift to speak change to affect others. Once I have completed the school, I am committing to you that I will come back to Newark to volunteer to speak at one of the schools. What your staff has given me NO amount of money can repay but I will volunteer my time. If I can touch/ change/ inspire/ motivate just one little girl to let her know if I can make it through everything that I have, then she can, it would mean the world to me.


Thank you again,


Tarnissha Sass

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